Project <3

About the Project

Project <3 is a creative project that focuses on an insanely quick RPG development life cycle as an exercise in improving creativity, fighting writer's block, and forcing a creator's hand in just releasing a damn product already.

Created by Kyle Weems one weekend after years of puttering around and never hitting publish, Project <3 was born when he set a timer and over three hours made a small game about chivalry and betrayal called Knaveguard.

It felt so good he decided to do it again. And again. And so on.

And he is inviting you to join along. Get practice writing! Learn to make things simpler! Enjoy the thrill of accomplishment!

How To Make a Project <3 game

To qualify as a Project <3 game, a project needs to meet the following criteria:

  1. It must be a tabletop game.
  2. The entire game must be written in less than three hours, from the moment the first note is written until the end is reached. The developer can think about their idea as much as they want or do all the research or inspirational reading they want. But the moment a single note is made, the timer is started.
  3. After this the developer(s) must take a break. Seriously. Break time. Treat yourself.
  4. After the break the developer(s) are permitted to spend one hour editing, revising, and cleaning up the resulting game.
  5. The game must contain a Project <3 blurb in it somewhere with these rules.
  6. Time spent on laying out the document into a PDF or ePub format do not count against the time limit, only the time to develop the game itself. But the goal is to keep it quick, so don't get carried away.
  7. The results of their three hours of love must be made available for free on the Internet in a .txt, .md, .pdf, or .epub format. You can accept donations, but the game should be offered for free.
  8. The developer(s) must then celebrate themselves by broadcasting about their awesome new thing via the media channel of their choice using the hashtag #projectlt3. Send a tweet to @projectlt3 if you like and we'll celebrate your success with you.
  9. Rest for a week. No more than one Project <3 game per week. Pace yourself!

The following are optional steps:

About Kyle Weems

Kyle in a hoodie

Kyle has been making games for decades, but never quite gets around to completing projects and publishing or sharing them. This project is aimed at forcibly breaking that habit.

His first release in the project is Knaveguard, a small RPG about royal guards called knaves in the service of a monarchy facing an insidious rebellion, played with two poker decks.

If you like Project <3, or the games that result from it, consider supporting Kyle on Patreon so he can make a little scratch from his efforts.